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Accountability is our ride or die

Call it a pandemic epiphany. With decades of global experience in creative industries, we knew it was time to do things differently. To apply what we've learned for more meaningful outcomes.

Which is why we partner with purpose-driven organisations. It's why we channel profits back into important community-based projects. It's why our co-founders stay close to every brief, pulling together the right team for each project from a close knit network of creative collaborators and suppliers.

So you get global network experience without the big agency rates.


Amy Hollier
Co-founder & Strategy Director

Amy has 20 years experience in advertising agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Paris and Geneva focussed on brand building across global and local FMCG, pharma and service brands. She is the architect of The Open Arms Empathy Model, born from a frustration over decades watching precious human insights get whittled down to a box on a brief. “We don’t want to invent problems to solve. We want to have truthful conversations and respond based on genuine human insights and lived experience.” A born extrovert and communicator, Amy is passionate about helping people, whether her work supports 30,000 jobs at a big corporation or protects our most vulnerable citizens through volunteering with WIRE women’s information service. She believes powerful storytelling plays a crucial role in an economy where people, planet and profit can all thrive.

Jess Lilley
Co-founder & Creative Director

Jess Lilley is a creative director, writer, and radio maker who has long focussed on creating work that is embedded in culture while enabling positive social change and community building. Her creative career has seen her work in Melbourne, Toronto and London, with her work recognised by many international awards shows, including Cannes Lions, D&AD (London), and the Clios (New York). Jess has been honing The Dream Room process over many years as a process to create powerful, unexpected ideas despite mounting pressures and shrinking deadlines. “The Dream Room benefits from learnings across a number of creative industries. It honours impactful storytelling, anchored in authentic needs and desires, ensuring the intersection of creativity and information reflects the best of both worlds.” ​ Jess is a broadcaster on Triple R-FM and is regularly invited to speak at industry events.

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