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Anjali Sharma
Vote For Your Future


A plea to first time voters ahead of the 2022 federal election. 

The Open Arms platforms important work from emerging voices. When our Creative Director spoke with climate activist, Anjali Sharma, for 3RRR-FM ahead of the 2022 federal election, she felt Anjali had a vital message that deserved to be shared wider. As a first-time voter, Anjali was despairing at how little attention the election coverage was paying to first-time voters and the climate crisis.


So we teamed Anjali Sharma up with young filmmaker, Maddelin McKenna, to help create a powerful two-minute film. We then helped share Anjali’s plea directly to fellow first-time voters via TikTok. As soon as it was uploaded it flew, racking up tens of thousands of views and grateful comments within days from a voting cohort who felt ignored despite the choices the government makes having profound outcomes on their lives.

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